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Development period 15.05 - 15.07 2024

Award - An accredited FLORAL DECORATOR course

What should you do ? Nothing easier.

1. Place any order on worth more than 300 Lei (inclusive).

2. Enter the code "GIVEAWAY" in the shopping cart of the order.

3. You are automatically entered in the draw.

The orders must be in the period to be mentioned

The course takes place in Bucharest and is made by ILBAH Workshops. The duration of the course is up to 10 weeks and can be scheduled in a course group within 10 months from the date of its receipt. This course is authorized by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education with international recognition.
Careful! Minimum course access level: Minimum compulsory education (8 or 10 classes)

The entire regulation is available here

What do you learn in the course?

  • Rules and directions to follow in Floral Design
  • Scale and Proportions in the Design of Floral Arrangements

  • Color theory/types of dishes/vases/pots

  • Harvesting, conditioning, flower preservation methods and preparation of flowering plants for utilization (cut flowers and pots)

  • Flowers, Names, Characteristics

  • The place and role of floral arrangements in official and private celebrations

  • Essential arming techniques

  • Basic materials and accessories in Floral Design

  • Suppliers, Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors in the floristic field

  • Techniques for making Floral Arrangements

  • Jewelry and Floral Accessories

  • Styles and Types of Floral Arrangements

  • Making Bouquets

  • Floral arrangements for weddings and christenings (candle design, bridal bouquet, etc.)

  • Floral arrangements for decorating the event space (floral arrangements on the table, photo corner, presidium)

  • Garlands and Floral Installations

  • Teamwork, Processes, Planning, Workflow and Organization

  • Client relationship - florist designer

  • Florist relationship - supplier and collaborators

  • Event budgeting

  • Presentation of the concept: Moodboard

  • In addition, visits to the Flower Market, Horticulture Faculty, Greenhouses, Warehouses